Summary of “The Death of a Teenage Quarterback”

The doctor pronounced Evan fit to play after his 15-minute physical before his senior year, assuring Kelly that her son was a healthy young man.
Evan was named the starting quarterback late in his sophomore season, and now he knows how to play that role, projecting confidence and strength to every curious glance shot his way.
Piloting a pro-style offense that features sprint-outs and bootlegs, Evan is a dual-threat quarterback.
The Panthers are recruiting Evan to play baseball, but during his informal “Tryout,” Evan struggled with his velocity and control.
A defensive end wallops Evan after the ball leaves his fingertips, and he slams Evan into the turf.
Wanting to make the tackle, Evan pops up and, as he’s angling toward the cornerback, another defensive player rams into him.
Tom Murray, atop the press box, is busily recording statistics when a family friend yells for him: “Tom, something is wrong with Evan!”.
Horror: Tom sees, through the window, the Emergency Medical Technician performing chest compressions on Evan.

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