Summary of “How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made”

The time capsules, really a pair of phonograph records, were launched aboard the twin Voyager space probes in August and September of 1977.
With this prospect in mind, each was fitted with a copy of what has come to be called the Golden Record.
I became friends with Carl Sagan, the astronomer who oversaw the creation of the Golden Record, in 1972.
At no point in this process was it possible to say with assurance just how much information the record contained or how accurately a given stereo had translated it.
Those of us who were involved in making the Golden Record assumed that it would soon be commercially released, but that didn’t happen.
Carl repeatedly tried to get labels interested in the project, only to run afoul of what he termed, in a letter to me dated September 6, 1990, “Internecine warfare in the record industry.” As a result, nobody heard the thing properly for nearly four decades.
Forty years after launch, the Golden Record is finally being made available here on Earth.
This essay was adapted from the liner notes for the new edition of the Voyager Golden Record, recently released as a vinyl boxed set by Ozma Records.

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