Summary of “3 Ways Companies Are Building a Business Around AI”

Many other companies, including Microsoft and Amazon, also already offer AI tools which, like Google Cloud, where I work, will be sold online as cloud computing services.
AI typically works by crunching very large amounts of data to figure out telltale patterns, then testing provisional patterns against similar data it hasn’t yet processed.
“There were lots of pictures in big agricultural universities, but no one had the information well-tagged. Seed companies had pictures too, but no one had pictures of healthy corn, corn with early NCLB, corn with advanced NCLB.”.
TalkIQ is a company that monitors sales and customer service phone calls, turns the talk into text, and then scans the words in real time for keywords and patterns that predict whether a company is headed for a good outcome – a new sale, a happy customer.
The company got its start after Jack Abraham, a former eBay executive and entrepreneur, founded ZenReach, a Phoenix company that connects online and offline commerce, in part through extensive call centers.
“Why does one rep close 50% of his calls, while the other gets 25%?”. The data from those calls could improve performance at ZenReach, he realized, but could also be the training set for a new business that served other companies.
The product went into commercial release in January, and according to Abraham now has 27 companies paying for the service.
Blinker has filed for patents on a number of the things it does, but the company’s founder and chief executive thinks his real edge is his 44 years in the business of car dealerships.

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