Summary of “Four Questions About the New-Look, Kyrie-Led Boston Celtics”

The way we will look back on and judge the Kyrie Irving trade will be based on whether the Celtics won a title with him.
With Irving, Al Horford, and Gordon Hayward as the three pillars of what should be head coach Brad Stevens’s offensive juggernaut, the Celtics have the pieces they need to compete for a title.
This reality of a new Big Three in Boston does present some questions about how the Celtics will deal with their new-look team with the season fewer than two months away.
What Do the Celtics Do About Their Defense? The Celtics were 12th in the league in defensive rating during the regular season, but dropped near the bottom in the playoffs.
Thomas used isolation plays 9.1 percent of the time throughout his season, the highest on the Celtics, but far lower than some of the league’s top point guards.
To an extent, Thomas showed that isolations can work in Boston, but Irving’s fondness for them is on another level-one that could take time to massage into the idealistic system Stevens wants the Celtics to run, but also one that could be better suited for situations late in games.
Stevens has his hands full-full of ball handlers, that is, including Smart, which is a stark change to the Celtics of just two seasons ago.
Do Boston’s New Stars Change One of Their Most Glaring Issues? Sandwiched in between the Nets and the Magic, the Celtics were 27th in rebounding rate last season.

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