Summary of “Christian McCaffrey Is the Future of Football”

One of the most bizarre entries in Sports Illustrated’s extensive catalogue is a 1990 piece in which football coaches complained about how teams no longer used the same players on offense and defense.
Players like Carolina Panthers rookies Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel will change the future of schemes.
Football players are all stronger and faster now than they were in Stallings and Paterno’s day.
While McCaffrey looks poised to perfect the form of the flexible football player, the league already has plenty of practitioners.
McCarthy said the future is trending toward these athletes because teams want to get their players in space, full stop.
More than 70 percent of Division I football players also play another sport, according to the NCAA. In order to be one of the athletes who will dominate the future of football, the thinking goes, you better be well-rounded.
McCaffrey played football, basketball, baseball, and track throughout his youth and said that basketball taught him much of what he can now pull off on the football field: jab steps, explosion on the first step, setting a defender up for a move.
Jabrill Peppers, the Cleveland Browns “Safety” who played snaps at 11 positions at Michigan, said that while he’s always focused on football, he honed many of his athletic traits in track and hoops.

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