Summary of “Leaving Social Media Taught Me How Broken The News Cycle Is”

It wasn’t news to me that I used social media for procrastination purposes, but without it, I found myself lacking an easy source for distractions.
I still consumed the news – in old-fashioned print and a few news apps – but I was taking it in without being told how to feel, and I was reading more stories that weren’t the emotion-provoking ones that most often seem to get shared in my feeds.
Social media is opinion-oriented, and people are quick to comment without verifying and judge and share without reading.
The leggings incident is the kind of fast-moving story that quickly takes over social media, and after opting out of this news-of-now cycle, I’ve come to believe that distractions like these leave me less informed.
Without social media focusing me on the news of the instant, I consumed news in a slower, less frantic fashion.
I never made a public announcement about my social media break, and so I missed announcements and news from people outside my inner circle.
For me, social media is a passive way of connecting with people, and I liked how my friends and family called and texted me more often when they knew they couldn’t reach me on Facebook.
Following people on social media often feels like voyeuristically looking in on their lives, and I’d much prefer to actively participate.

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