Summary of “Apple’s Best Product Is Its Media Strategy”

The big question on everyone’s mind, as Apple CEO Tim Cook stepped onstage to announce an array of iPhones and a new Apple Watch and a new Apple TV on Tuesday, was: Will there be a nuclear war with North Korea?
Apple doesn’t have press conferences, it has “Events.” On Tuesday, the event was in Apple’s new home, a vast new 175-acre campus that, as Cook said, “Fuses buildings with an open parkland.” It’s a stunning place, with rolling hills and – according to Apple – some 9,000 newly planted trees.
Forever looming in the distance, across the park, is Apple’s new headquarters building.
“What’s going to keep Apple Apple – is if we keep us us,” said the voice in the darkness.
The real show began when Cook called Angela Ahrendts, the former Burberry CEO who left to run Apple’s retail efforts, onstage.
Apple isn’t in the phone business or the computer business.
Apple knows precisely how many people will attend each event, and clearly thinks carefully about how the hands-on area is laid out.
Some publications – typically bigger ones, or ones with an audience Apple particularly wants to reach – will get review units.

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