Summary of “10 Ways to Make Peak-State Decisions and Invest in Yourself”

You need to put yourself in a position and environment to make the most powerful decision possible.
Remind Yourself Continually Of The Decision You’ve MadeIf you make a decision to live at a higher level, there will naturally be lots of resistance to your living out that decision.
The moment you invest yourself in your decision, you are telling yourself that you’re serious about this.
Because most people don’t make powerful decisions, they don’t understand the necessity and power of investing in themselves and in their decisions.
If you make a bold and powerful decision, you’ll need to invest a lot into that thing.
Invest More - The More Invested You Are, The More Your Identity Will ChangeThe more invested you are, the more committed you’ll be to your decision.
Are you consistently putting yourself into a peak state and manifesting evidence for the decision you’ve made?
You’ll need to put yourself into environments that will allow you to make powerful decisions to change.

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