Summary of “My Incredibly Simple Guide To Stoicism”

It was made famous in recent years again by Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday from the USA. These two gentleman credit a lot of their success to the wisdom that Stoicism taught them.
Stoicism began on a stoa which means porch to you and I. A stoa is where the early teachings of Stoicism started.
Stoicism is focused on uncomplicated theories of life- Stoicism is so clear that you can take action from the advice immediately- Study is not required to understand Stoicism- The most read Stoic is Lucius Seneca.
Stoicism doesn’t focus on the negative like modern-day self-help advice does.
Stoicism is more a meditative practice that allows us to take the negative feelings we experience, and turn them into thoughts that give us peacefulness and perspective on life.
The most important part of learning Stoicism is having the right state of mind.
Just like in life, the right state of mind can help us look at challenges in the best possible way.
At the crux of Stoicism is a list of reminders and words of wisdom that show how to live a good life.

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