Summary of “Steve Ballmer Was My Youth Basketball Coach”

Three years ago I heard that my old basketball coach was getting back into the sport.
Under most circumstances, this wouldn’t be something worth discussing, but in third grade, my Boys & Girls Clubs basketball team in Bellevue, Washington, was coached by Clippers owner and then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
Ballmer initially signed on to coach his son and his son’s friends, but he’d soon realize he’d stumbled onto a superteam.
I’ll never forget it because my dad leaned forward from the stands, tapped Mark Mennella, coach Ballmer’s assistant, on the shoulder and said, “It might be time to sub out the starters. This is getting ugly.” The assistant coach relayed the message to Steve.
Coach Ballmer scanned the floor, gazed up at the scoreboard, looked back at my dad, and said, “Are you sure it’s not too soon?” We were up by 30.
My own parents’ plans to hide our coach’s identity got thrown a curveball when I found my basketball coach on the front cover of a business magazine.
He’s a Nickname Kind of Guy Steve was the first coach that gave us badass nicknames.
Steve took coaching seriously and even brought in an NBA shooting coach to help us with our form.

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