Summary of “The 20 Best TV Spin-off Series of All Time, Ranked”

Some are simply planted into a hit show, in order to introduce characters to a wide audience before leading their own stories.
Switching up cities, transforming genres, exploring underutilized characters and even swapping heroes and villains all proved to be valuable moves as brand new shows tried to earn a second life of their own.
From ambitious failures to enduring classics, we’ve gathered some of the greatest spinoff series of all time to recognize the shows that used some preexisting leverage to carve out their own special space in TV history.
Benson’s quick-thinking housekeeping fixes segued into an extended term in public office, even if the show ended before he was able to work his way up to becoming governor himself.
The show’s first season started out too crowded, but by Season 2, the focus had switched to the core quartet: Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo. Mrs. Garrett, previously the Drummonds’ housekeeper, was there to share sage wisdom.
The less than enthusiastic fan reaction to “The Lone Gunmen” as a separate series was probably more a function of the overall enthusiasm for “The X-Files” in a post-Duchovny, Y2K world than the show’s quality.
D.C. murder plots, a serial bear killer, and a self-aware episode about a popular TV series gave the show the chance to blend the unsettling and the absurd, even if just for one season.
Initially introduced on “Hercules” as a rogue, sinister pirate, Xena’s series-long arc to redeem her past transgressions made the show more than just a monster-fighting woman in a trademark costume.

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