Summary of “How Lambeau Field saved the Packers in Green Bay”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Green Bay Packers could sell their franchise for a maximum of three quarters of a million dollars. Therefore, it is my opinion that it would be good business judgment on the part of the citizens of Green Bay to approve the referendum for a new stadium.”
Don McIlhenny, Packers halfback 1957-59: I played my first year in the league with Detroit, and I have one memory of that old Green Bay stadium, is just how minor league it was.
Green Bay Packers ends Billy Howton and Gary Knafelc, who posed for this photo in early August 1957, scored key touchdowns in the team’s first game at new City Stadium about six weeks later.
In Green Bay, the message sent from the league was clear: build a new stadium, or lose the Packers.
Christl: Just as important was George Halas’ visit to Green Bay, and he basically told people who showed up at the Columbus Club on the Saturday before the vote that, “You either pass this referendum, or you’re going to lose your team.” But members of the executive committee had been telling citizens of Green Bay that, and they said in that 1954-56 time frame, they started making references to the fact, “We’re not talking about just building a new stadium, we’re talking about saving this franchise.”
Nixon, in Sept. 30, 1957 edition of Press-Gazette: I have never been in a stadium built more for football so the spectators can see than the Green Bay Stadium here today.
Washington running back Johnny Olszewski is wrapped up by one Green Bay defender and surrounded by a host of others, including defensive tackle Henry Jordan, in the Packers’ 21-0 victory at new City Stadium on Nov. 23, 1959.
Christl: As things were in 1956, could the Packers have continued to survive for a time in that old stadium? Perhaps, but as things changed rapidly after the so-called greatest game ever played, the 1958 championship between the Colts and Giants, the overtime game, when the popularity of pro football mushroomed, the Packers, the NFL and other owners would not have put up with playing in that stadium beyond that point.

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