Summary of “Louis L’Amour’s Library and Reading List”

The Western writer had a library of over 10,000 books, and averaged reading 100-120 books per year – “Reading approximately thirty books a year on the West in its many aspects” both for pleasure and in order to stay on top of his writing game.
As a child, his family had a modest collection of books, but it was at the library that his love of reading really came to life.
Details about his family life are not easily found, but Louis kept up his torrid reading and writing pace until he died in 1988.
For Louis, his reading was largely determined by what was available wherever he was working.
“For those who have not been readers, my advice is to read what entertains you. Reading is fun. Reading is adventure. It is not important what you read at first, only that you read.”.
“I have enjoyed digging into the reading habits of many great men and women and have tried where possible to get a list of the books in their libraries…. I hoped that by understanding the books these men and women read I might grasp at the basic sources of some of their ideas.”
What makes the reading list below unique is that for many of them we get not just a title, but what L’Amour thought of and took away from that title.
By Arnold Zweig – “The best novel to come out of World War I, although Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front. attracted more attention and was a good book also.” Lives by Plutarch – “In several of my western novels I have had characters reading Plutarch. I believe more great men have read his Lives. than any other book, except possibly the Bible. In reviewing the reading histories or libraries of great men, I have come upon him again and again, and justly so. His is a sophisticated, urbane mind dealing with aspects of leadership.” The Prince.

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