Summary of “Why Michigan State’s Miles Bridges decided to return to college”

I want to talk to Bridges about how great he is, what wonderful things are ahead for him, but it is not long before he’s telling me about last November’s game against Kentucky at Madison Square Garden, the second game of his college career.
Want to know why Miles Bridges declined the NBA, you have to sit in a room with Tum, Josh and Xavier and ask them to tell you stories.
They have just come from a long practice, but I ask each to share a story that to them is the quintessential Miles Bridges story.
“One day, me, Tum and Miles – nobody in the gym. Coaches were gone and we’re just going to play one-on-one. It was our first time ever playing against each other. Summer. Wasn’t nobody there. And I knew Miles was good, but he won like four games straight. I’m like, ‘I got to step it up.'”.
Just like Miles used to do with his sister when he was a little kid, he keeps pushing them.
Miles is not a big trash-talker, they tell me, but that day he was on fire.
“The last thing I’ll say about Miles,” Tum adds: “Miles tells me he loves me every day. Every day. I’m not exaggerating. Every day.”
“Miles tells me he loves me every day. Every day. I’m not exaggerating.”

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