Summary of “How Making A “Reverse” Bucket List Can Make You Happier”

The reverse bucket list is pretty straightforward: Rather than writing down all of the things you hope to one day achieve, you instead write down a list of all the things you’ve already accomplished, things that make you feel proud.
Think of a reverse bucket list as an exercise in grateful recounting: You’re basking in the pride of your experiences and accomplishments, and you’re taking time to get thankful for them.
Creating a reverse bucket list is like creating a nostalgia playlist-it’s a collection of your greatest hits and memories.
How do you create a reverse bucket list? It’s simple: Write down accomplishments from your past that you feel proud of.
Spending the holidays with your family, making a new friend as an adult-that’s definitely reverse bucket list material.
After you’ve created your list, try placing it right next to your traditional bucket list or keep it as a note on your phone.
When I created my own reverse bucket list, I found it counteracted my bucket list shame.
Just as bucket lists can inspire us for the future, reverse bucket lists can make us grateful for the now-for all we’ve experienced and all we’ve done.

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