Summary of “5 Ways the Best Companies Close the Strategy-Execution Gap”

Too many companies still follow a “Plan-then-Do” approach to strategy: The organization works tirelessly to create its best forecasts about the future market and competitive landscape.
Today’s successful companies close the strategy-to-performance gap with a new strategy approach best described as “Decide-Do/Refine-Do”. This agile, test-and-learn approach is better suited to today’s tumultuous environment.
The best companies see strategy less as a plan and more as a direction and agenda of decisions.
Finally, the team defines a strategy agenda comprising the highest value at stake and most urgent issues that leadership must address to close the gap between its ambition and Dell’s current trajectory.
In a world where the best laid plans can go awry, companies that react quickly and effectively come out on top.
For gaming companies such as Caesars, promotions are a major strategic investment.
Most companies do not take advantage of their opportunities to test and learn.
Great performance requires great strategy and great execution, but poor execution is often used as an excuse for flawed strategy.

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