Summary of “On the Complicated Economics of Attention Capital”

If you spend less time working, and more time skimming your Facebook newsfeed, you get less done.
Providing your employees’ brains timely access to the right information; and.
Providing these brains the right conditions under which to process this information effectively.
The problem, I conjecture, is that focusing exclusively on the first item from my list has generated a perverse counteraction: not only does it steal our attention from the equally important emphasis on optimizing cognitive operating conditions, it actually makes these conditions worse.
I increasingly believe that it’s exactly this dynamic that makes it so hard to figure out how to make effective use of attention capital.
At the same time, if we focus only on enabling deep thinking, these brains might not have the right information to think about, also hurting productivity.
“Ideally we would want to observe directly how ‘attention capital’ and productivity vary across firms and over time,” he writes.
Speaking of attention capital, one of my favorite start ups, Mouse Books, just announced a Kickstarter campaign for their holiday edition.

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