Summary of “How to tell if a CEO is worth working for”

Personally, I remember interviewing at one of my first job out of college, and I remember it being really hard to tell if a CEO is “Good” or not.
Plenty of CEOs sound like they’d be a good CEO. They’re charismatic, they’re articulate - but does sounding like a good CEO really make it true?
After almost four years of researching and observing hundreds of CEOs, I’ve learned to ask these four questions to discern whether or not a CEO is a good CEO:.#1: “When have you had to sugar-coat the truth - or avoid telling the truth - to your team?”How a CEO answers this question reveals her barometer for integrity.
3: “What does ‘success’ for the company look like to you?”This may seem like an unassuming question to ask - perhaps it’s one you’ve asked the CEO already.
If all the CEO is focused on is “Winning” and “Making money” and “Dominating the competition” in her answer, I can guarantee that’s 100% what the work environment is going to revolve around.
The answer to it demonstrates how cognizant the CEO is of how they’ve treated employees in the past, and how willing they are to admit if they’d haven’t been the ideal leader.
If you’re worried that asking these questions - particularly the last one - might offend your prospective CEO, that in itself is a sign that the CEO might not be who you’d hope for.
It gives you all the information you need to decide if they’re a CEO worth working for.

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