Summary of “Private War: Erik Prince Has His Eye On Afghanistan’s Rare Metals”

Prince briefed top Trump administration officials directly, talked up his plan publicly on the DC circuit, and published op-eds about it.
One surprising element is the commercial promise Prince envisions: that the US will get access to Afghanistan’s rich deposits of minerals such as lithium, used in batteries; uranium; magnesite; and “Rare earth elements,” critical metals used in high technology from defense to electronics.
The presentation makes it plain that Prince intends to fund the effort through these rich deposits.
“What is laid out in the slides is a model of an affordable way for the US to stabilize a failed state where we are presently wasting American youth and tens of billions of dollars annually,” a Prince spokesperson emailed BuzzFeed News Thursday.
Defense Secretary James Mattis “Did meet with Mr. Prince earlier this year,” a Defense Department spokesperson said.
Prince currently runs a Chinese security and logistics company, as BuzzFeed News has previously reported.
Ironically, the statement from Prince’s spokesman that said Prince’s Chinese company, Frontier Services Group, would participate in the Afghanistan plan, and “Would provide logistics support to the extractive firms with secure transportation and camp support.”
One source who was briefed by Prince says, “His heart’s in the right place. The problem is that his head is up his ass.”

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