Summary of “How To Schedule Wellness Into Your Workday And Still Get Stuff Done”

I bet you’ve experienced more than one morning when you couldn’t get out of bed and swore to yourself that you’ll “Do better” in taking care of yourself from now on.
If your road to work is more of a stressful journey, a better use of this time might be found in distilling your day’s to-do list, or reciting an upcoming presentation to yourself.
Organize your workflow for the day to avoid feeling overwhelmed and wasting the positive energy you’ve already cultivated for the morning.
Once you’ve laid out your to-do list, get to work-which means shutting off your phone and logging out of your email and social media.
If you can’t put down your screen, try using an app or the built-in iPhone setting that turns down that light.
Daily stress can still impede sleep, no matter how mindfully you work to keep it away at night.
Still, the little things can help, like turning your LED alarm clock to the wall, and keeping the bedroom cool and dark.
If you can’t fall asleep, try some relaxing music or white noise, writing in a journal, or working on a boring, small task you’ve been putting off.

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