Summary of “‘HQ’ in 120 Years”

It’s morning again in America, and at 6 a.m., we play HQ. Please note, reader, this isn’t an option-we are all required to play through government-imposed retinal trackers, and we answer 25 questions.
Long ago, HQ was played only twice a day, but the games soon became hourly.
HQ is played at the top of every hour, from 6 a.m. to midnight.
After HQ became an hourly fix in 2035, all other outlets of leisure slowly disappeared; hobbies homogenized more and more with each iPhone tap.
What else is left? Playing fetch with the radioactive squirrels in the Great American Sand Wastes? You don’t want to become infected.
Quiz Daddy first rose to prominence on the shoulders of an extremist group of initial HQ players known as the Dilly Dillies, who quietly toppled American democracy-first through campaigns in small local elections that promised extra HQ lives to voters, and eventually by claiming seats in the House and the Senate.
How uplifting! For the HQties, it is an honorable duty to play at the altar of Scott.
You are conditioned to stop what you’re doing twice a day and play a trivia game-that is just Phase 1.

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