Summary of “What Netflix doesn’t want you to know about how its synopses are written”

Netflix synopses can be concise, sassy, opaque, or on-the-nose.
Netflix descriptions aren’t all so conversational or tongue-in-cheek.
I wrote back asking if there were any details they could share, and was again rebuffed: “I don’t have anything to share, but thanks for checking.” First of all, you’re welcome! And second of all, what? Why, I wondered, wouldn’t Netflix want to let me in on the wondrous mystery of their movie synopses?
“The Netflix team decided to scan in photos and titles from the boxes anyway and wait for the cease-and-desist letters,” Keating writes.
I then contacted Keating, who responded that she doesn’t know how Netflix generates their movie descriptions now.
Keating had no explanation for why Netflix would be secretive about the way they generate their synopses now.
That’s what Netflix doesn’t want us to know.
“All Netflix synopsis writers are full-time, experienced, professional writers hailing from digital and print journalism, film scholarship and creative writing backgrounds. Many have 10 or 20+ years of experience and this also includes bilingual staff who bring regional content expertise. Their key objectives are to create 100% accurate synopses and provide the most trustworthy entertainment experience possible to help give viewers important contextual information about a title.”

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