Summary of “LeBron Is Still Getting Better”

LeBron James might remain the best player in the NBA. He might remain the most valuable.
According to data from Second Spectrum, James is shooting an effective field goal percentage of 58.8 on step-back shots and 63 on pull-up jumpers – his two most common shot types after brute-force drives.
The Cavs score 125 points per 100 possessions when James drives and finishes himself, passes to a teammate for a shot or is fouled, and 118 points per 100 possessions on scoring chances that come from multiple passes after a James drive, according to Second Spectrum.
James is finding more success driving to the rim, but he’s also drawing fouls at a career-worst rate – his.294 rate of free throws per field goal attempt is down considerably from his career average.
The Cleveland defense has been nearly 11 points better per 100 possessions when he sits, and ESPN’s defensive Real Plus-Minus has him in the negatives, below James Harden and Kyle Lowry.
RPM is famously skewed toward defensive-minded big men, but James has historically performed much better in the stat.
We expect more from James because we’ve seen more from him.
Maybe he’s playing catch-up defense these days, or not drawing fouls the way he used to, or not willing Jae Crowder into making his wide-damn-open 3s. But 15 seasons into his career, he’s still getting better, and so far this season, the pieces he’s added have more than made up for the ones that have fallen away.

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