Summary of “Unlikely places and untangled goals”

An abbey of Cistercian Trappist monks, known for their silence, with a guest room that’s free for whoever asks.
I hung around all their various sitting rooms and balconies, writing for six silent days, speaking only one sentence a day if I ordered dinner.
It made me think about the unlikely places we can get what we want.
Some people think they need to go all the way to Thailand to meditate, or to India to learn yoga.
Some people think they need to travel to a country to learn its language.
Check out Moses McCormick learning more than a dozen languages from Ohio, or Benny Lewis learning Arabic from Brazil.
Some people think they need to pay a fortune to a university for a great education.
Some people think they need expensive equipment to start a new hobby, certain clothes to look the part, or for everything to be just right.

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