Summary of “Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich leveraged big deals to build university into sports powerhouse only to watch it burn amid charges of excess”

The morning after the FBI’s announcement, Dr. Gregory Postel, the interim president, removed not only Hall of Fame basketball coach Rick Pitino but also athletic director Tom Jurich, one of the state’s most powerful people.
The agreement represented an undeniable windfall, with potential opportunities for the entire university, but to some it also exploited the athletes it purported to benefit while encouraging the criminal behavior later alleged by the FBI. Ultimately, the scandal – on top of two earlier ones involving Louisville basketball, the financial engine of the athletic department – cost Jurich his job.
Jurich embarked on an ambitious growth strategy that would solve Louisville’s Title IX problems and build up nonrevenue sports such as swimming and soccer while ensuring that the basketball and football teams were successful enough to support the enterprise.
Louisville, which belonged to Conference USA when Jurich became athletic director, joined the ACC in 2014, bringing in $47.7 million in the first two years.
Matt Jones, a frequent Jurich critic who broadcasts out of Lexington for Kentucky Sports Radio, says Jurich and Pitino changed the attitude of the university.
Jurich sought to neutralize the scandals and shape the athletic department’s image by controlling the local media, according to interviews with more than half a dozen journalists and media executives – many of whom requested anonymity out of fear of reprisals from Louisville, even with Jurich gone.
The Louisville athletic department has a sports information group that employs 11 people, but contracts obtained by Outside the Lines show Jurich paid Gunnell’s outside PR firm, Boxcar, up to $130,000 per year dating to 2014.
At an Adidas-sponsored retreat for athletic directors in May 2016 in Santa Barbara, Jurich says he told Jim Murphy, Adidas’ sports marketing director for NCAA matters: “If we’re going to be with you, I want a long-term deal. And I want it to be one of the biggest deals in the country.”

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