Summary of “Learn to Manage Your Attention and Managing Time Will Take Care of Itself”

Cultivating and Protecting Your Attention and FocusIf you can learn to manage your attention, managing time will not only take care of itself, you’ll have a massive competitive advantage over most people.
Most people who claim to have a time management problem have an attention management problem.
Whatever requires less of your attention costs more in terms of cognitive benefit, what requires more costs you less.
The quality of the time is almost entirely determined by one thing, your ability to manage your attention.
In fact most down time isn’t really down time because we take a break and check email or social media.
Know Your Essential PrioritiesIf you want to get better at managing your attention you have to learn to say no to everything that’s not aligned with your essential priorities.
If it’s going to take me all day, I’m not just going to lose that time, but more time because of how pissed off I am about the whole experience.
This one skill, managing your attention will do more for your trajectory than any life hack.

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