Summary of “Alien Probe or Galactic Driftwood? SETI Tunes In to ‘Oumuamua”

Ever since its discovery in mid-October as it passed by Earth already outbound from our solar system, the mysterious object dubbed ‘Oumuamua has left scientists utterly perplexed.
Whatever ‘Oumuamua is, it appears to be quite solid-likely composed of rock, or even metal-seemingly tailor-made to weather long journeys between stars.
If ‘Oumuamua is in fact artificial, the reasoning goes, it might be transmitting or at least leaking radio waves.
So far limited observations of ‘Oumuamua, using facilities such as the SETI Institute’s Allen Telescope Array, have turned up nothing.
Simply put, objects like ‘Oumuamua should be far too rare for our current telescopes to have any reasonable chance of spotting one.
Newer studies gauging the odds find that for ‘Oumuamua’s detection to not be an astronomically unlikely fluke, there must be a sizeable population of such objects continuously passing through our solar system.
Either way, Siemion says, “‘Oumuamua’s presence within our solar system affords Breakthrough Listen an opportunity to reach unprecedented sensitivities to possible artificial transmitters and demonstrate our ability to track nearby, fast-moving objects.
First, the team at Green Bank would immediately re-observe ‘Oumuamua to confirm the signal.

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