Summary of “Telling children ‘hard work gets you to the top’ is simply a lie”

“If you work hard, and do the right thing, you will be able to get on in life.” I believe that it is a promise that we have no capacity to fulfil.
You then continue on to yet another prestigious institution for your tertiary education, say Oxford or Cambridge University, and yet more quads with manicured lawns.
Then you end up in the oasis of Middle Temple working as a barrister: more manicured lawns and, yes, you guessed it, more quads.
The former trajectory, in some or all its forms, is much more likely to lend itself to a more successful life in Britain.
More leadership and more risk-taking are required on this front.
Your vocabulary and conjugation will give much more away, but never your accent, apart from regional perhaps.
We need to do more to double down on improving environments both at home and at school which continuously constrain potential.
If the adage that hard work truly matters rings true, then we must do more – at all levels of society – to make it a reality.

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