Summary of “NFL Week 16 Recap: The Four Big Questions About the Playoff Picture”

The running back returned to the field this week, and Dallas mustered only 12 points, allowed four sacks, and turned the ball over three times against a defense that was recently embarrassed by the Rams.
San Francisco’s win over Tennessee in Week 15 kept the Chargers’ and Bills’ playoff dreams alive; the Niners’ victory over the Jags in Week 16 might have extinguished L.A.’s hopes.
The Starting 11 A look at 11 big story lines, key developments, and interesting tidbits from this week in the NFL. 1.
He’s finished with less than 95 yards from scrimmage twice: in a Week 5 loss to Seattle that came before the Seahawks defense was ravaged by injury, and in a Week 11 defeat against the Vikings.
Catch-Rule Nonsense, Week 16 Edition: Kelvin Benjamin gets hosed, uniting Patriots conspiracy theorists everywhere.
Steelers slot cornerback Mike Hilton added to his quietly great campaign with another fantastic outing in Week 16.
Every season, there’s one relatively unknown player who impresses me week after week.
I’d pay good money to know what the 37-year-old would clock in the 40-yard dash right now, but a lack of speed doesn’t always matter in the red zone, as he showed in Week 16.

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