Summary of “The Big Business of Prisoner Care Packages”

The Los Angeles County jails’ contract for care packages includes annual “Gift packs” that are given to inmates for free during the winter holiday season, complete with a card from the county.
Prisoner care packages are part of a lucrative industry that provides a range of services.
Access Securepak has used inmates to unload trucks, stock and pick items from warehouses and assemble packages, according to a 2015 West Virginia contract proposal.
In some facilities, inmates who are eligible to receive packages can get a care package once every three months; at others, inmates are allowed weekly deliveries.
Jennifer Gross of Livonia, Michigan, says she sent her boyfriend, an inmate in the Michigan Department of Corrections, a care package containing toilet paper after he told her he had gone without for four days.
Against prison officials and private companies over the cost of care packages, with little luck.
Despite her frustrations with the industry, Davis estimates that she spends as much as $600 of her monthly budget on staying in touch with her husband through things like phone calls, visits and care packages.
She has two recommendations for other families who want to send care packages to incarcerated loved ones: “Have a budget and a lot of patience.”

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