Summary of “This Is How To Quit Bad Habits Without Willpower: 3 Secrets From Neuroscience”

We’re going to turn everything you know about bad habits on its head. For starters, here’s the good news: you’re not lazy, you’re not a screw up, and you’re not a bad person.
So how does this relate to bad habits? You don’t have “Bad habits” – you have different selves with different goals in your head, all trying to do what they think is best for the greater “You.”
So how do you still manage to function with those fears? Well, the inner child has an overprotective parent.
These are “Managers.” That nagging voice in your head. It says you’re not working hard enough.
We call proactive parts “Managers” because they try to manage our lives in ways that keep emotional pain out of consciousness.
You know what the Manager is doing to achieve its goals, whether that’s making you work too hard, not work enough, or occasionally screaming at the people who love you most.
Let’s do a quick review and find out the best part about talking to Managers, inner children and the rest of the circus in your noggin.
Exiles, Managers and Firefighters: The three big categories of voices in your head. Exiles have deep-seated fears, Managers make sure those don’t get triggered, and when they do get triggered, Firefighters put out the fire Stay calm and talk to the Manager: Find out why they do what they do by asking well, you.

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