Summary of “Navy Kicker Turns Last-Second Loss into a Lesson in Leadership”

Already, his cellphone was buzzing with text messages, emails, Facebook messages and Twitter shout-outs, many from people who had seen Moehring’s quotes online and were impressed with how he had handled the disappointment.
The notes were mostly from strangers, who recognized Moehring’s effort and propped him up.
“Hey, man, last kick aside, I don’t even know how you made the first two in those conditions,” Eddy Pineiro, the kicker for Florida, said in a text message that made Moehring laugh.
A Kansas Highway Patrol officer sent a tweet to Moehring: “This field goal doesn’t define who you are.” With all due respect, Moehring would disagree.
Moehring also took a required course in leadership, which came in handy after the missed kick.
Moehring knows people will be watching how he responds to the potentially crushing disappointment of his missed kick, and as a future naval officer – he hopes to fly planes someday – he feels compelled to be a role model.
A few days after the Army-Navy game, Moehring watched tape of his kick and considered what had unfolded in those final seconds.
The day after his finals ended, Moehring opened a letter from the 1984 Navy lacrosse captain.

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