Summary of “Cyberpunk novel Altered Carbon is headed for Netflix with its razor-sharp indictment of the 1 percent”

In February, Netflix will begin streaming an ambitious adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s debut science fiction novel Altered Carbon.
Set in a future where people can trade bodies on a whim, Altered Carbon is the first of Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs trilogy.
Minor spoilers for the novel ahead. Hardboiled detective mystery In Altered Carbon, Morgan introduces readers to Takeshi Kovacs, a former soldier living 500 years in the future.
Like much of the cyberpunk genre, Altered Carbon is steeped in the noir tradition, with familiar tropes like the reluctant detective, the femme fatale, and a case that’s more complicated than it seems.
How people cope with technology But it’s not just the mystery that makes the pages fly by in Altered Carbon.
Altered Carbon feels as much a cautionary tale about the unfettered use of a game-changing technology as it is a mystery.
Where traditional cyberpunk stories often depict a bleak future in which massive corporations hold the power, Morgan puts a human face on wealth inequality.
Despite its release date in 2002, Altered Carbon is very much a book about the present, which makes Netflix’s upcoming adaptation something worth looking forward to.

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