Summary of “Jack Del Rio on Oakland Raiders’ future; Guest MMQB”

“We have so much to do and so far to go and so much work ahead of us,” Del Rio says, “That we can’t really worry about anything like expectations or how good we can be or thoughts about where we are going to play.”
On this year’s to-do list, Del Rio says, are adding a rehab pool to help players with their recovery as well as an on-site kitchen.
Del Rio was blunt about what the biggest change from 2017 needs to be: “We need to get our defensive play up to the level our offense is operating.” To that end, the Raiders added former Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano as an assistant head coach, and used six of their nine draft picks on defense.
Del Rio also said they “Tightened up” their system, to guard against some of the simple communication breakdowns that happened last season on the field and help the players better understand the “Why” of what they are doing.
One of the plays Del Rio disputed was the intentional grounding call against the Colts one series before Carr was injured, a flag Ed Hochuli’s crew threw on a passing play when Seth Roberts ran the wrong route and Carr’s pass hit the turf in the end zone where the young receiver was supposed to have been.
“The Warriors play with great energy; they come out and they have fun; they express themselves,” Del Rio says.
As we looked around for the players we needed to speak with, one of the draft picks said to another: “Women are allowed in the locker room?” It wasn’t meant to be disrespectful-this player, like many other rookies, had simply come from a college program where the locker room wasn’t open to the media, and he hadn’t interacted with many female reporters in general.
Players become eligible for the pension plan only after playing three seasons, but the payouts are very good for players who make it past that threshold.

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