Summary of “What have the five families been doing in the shadows? GQ invesitgates”

Arillotta had just been “Made”, inducted into the Genovese crime family, the largest and most powerful of New York’s infamous Italian-American mafia dynasties.
Cali, who was the supposed head of the Gambino crime family, one of New York’s notorious five mafia clans, was the first New York mob boss to be killed since 1985, when a young John Gotti ordered the murder of then Gambino head, Paul Castellano, outside a Manhattan steak restaurant.
The murder of the reported head of one of America’s biggest crime families wasn’t looking like a mob “Hit” after all.
Billed as the largest coordinated arrest in FBI history, almost 130 members of New York and New England mafia families were arrested in 2011 in what became known as “Mafia Takedown Day”.Read next Iceland to Amsterdam: how the world’s first bitcoin heist went south.
Asked to name New York’s five crime families, Russo responded: Genovese, Gambino, Bonanno, Colombo, Lucchese.
One well-connected mob source told me Arillotta could have been Al Capone – if he hadn’t got caught.
A current captain in one of New York’s five crime families has agreed to meet me – but there’s no interview, no questions and it’s going to be brief.
A former mob prosecutor told me the East Coast is the last bastion of Italian organised crime and it’s the same five families running the show.

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