Summary of “Baker Mayfield on the Haters, that Ohio State Flag Apology, and Winning”

After leading the Browns to a 28-16 victory, Mayfield is asked by a reporter what clicked for him on that particular afternoon.
The night after enjoying my Baker Mayfield steak at Hyde Park, I was able to sample a Feeling Dangerous beer downtown.
For the first time in a long time, Mayfield had the Cleveland Browns feeling dangerous.
Coming out of high school in Austin, Mayfield received only a handful of scholarship offers.
With some encouragement from his dad, Mayfield turned down his scholarship offers.
Mind you: Oklahoma wasn’t exactly in need of Baker Mayfield.
He wasted no time seeking out head coach Bob Stoops, providing the coach with an early introduction to that Mayfield moxie.
Baker Mayfield says and does what he believes to be true: “Quarterbacks, by the textbook, are supposed to be reserved, cool, calm, and collected,” he tells me.

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