Summary of “How ’30 Rock’ Made Tracy Morgan’s Fake Award Into a Real-Life Goal”

Part 1: Tracy Learns What an EGOT Is Kay Cannon: In the 30 Rock writers’ room, we had a group of people who really had their finger on the pulse of what was going on in pop culture and just things that have happened in the past.
Part 2: Tracy Gets His EGOT Necklace Cannon: Tracy already wore a lot of necklaces and chains and stuff like that in general, so it just seemed natural for him to put on the EGOT necklace.
Part 3: Tracy Meets Whoopi After purchasing the necklace, Tracy seeks advice from Whoopi Goldberg, a real-life EGOTer, about how to EGOT. On his way out, he attempts to steal her Oscar.
Part 5: Tracy Gets a Tony Tracy stages an improvised one-man Broadway show and receives rave reviews.
Ceraulo: The one-man show came from looking at it as, “OK, it’s Tracy Jordan, and he’s gonna try to win a Tony award. Again, he’s not gonna do it correctly. He’s gonna do it in a Tracy Jordan way, so what would he do?”.
Morgan: The phone book thing came from Chris Rock saying one time that Tracy Morgan could make the phone book sound funny.
Scardino: As unlikely as it is for Tracy to become an EGOT, then there was the additional problem of “Well, now you actually have a standard you are going to be held to and live up to.” And that was fun to shoot, because any time Tracy gets to act like a big baby and complain was funny.
I’ve got two Emmy awards, but ultimately, the truth is 30 Rock was a great, great, creative expression by so many people and made so many people laugh, and who cares if we won awards or not? That’s not really the point, so I think that’s what we’re finally saying with the Tracy story is like, it’s kind of baloney.

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