Summary of “What’s the best laundry detergent? We asked 5 experts.”

Isn’t that last part the rub? Which bottle or box do you choose from the three long shelves in the laundry aisle? Elsberry has high standards: The detergent should clean the clothes, yet not destroy fabrics, and the bottle should be easy to use and not take up too much space on the counter.
She and other experts have a few good candidates when it comes to detergents – and some laundry tips, too.
Once you’ve chosen a detergent, use less than you think you need, says ¬≠Alexa Hotz, senior editor for Remodelista in Brooklyn: Too much detergent “Will leave a film on your clothes and on the inside of your washing machine.” Separate your laundry into different loads: dark, light and workout, and towels and bedding.
In general, one all-purpose detergent will work for all fabrics, except of course, silk, wool, down and cashmere, which would benefit from delicate detergents or professional treatment.
This past summer, Erin Barbot , an organizer in Silver Spring, Md., did her own test of laundry detergents, looking for products that were low in chemicals but still effective, without spending too much.
Hotz, of Remodelista, starts with what she does not want in her laundry detergent: sulfates, synthetic fragrance or fragrance of any kind.
The Honest Company’s Multi-Enzyme Stain Fighting Laundry Detergent, the free-and-clear unscented version, meets her high standards, as it’s made with natural acids and enzymes.
Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Scented Laundry Detergent is the go-to detergent for Elsberry of Todd Alan.

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