Summary of “Schitt’s Creek and the Making of an Emmy Underdog Success”

As Tuesday’s nominations underscored with the shocking success of Pop TV’s Schitt’s Creek and BBC America’s Killing Eve, the big guys haven’t locked up a monopoly on Emmy gold just yet.
In a sign there’s a limit to how much Emmy love money can buy, those two underdog shows from smaller networks ended up scoring multiple nominations in major categories, while high-profile projects from Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, and George Clooney were virtually ignored by voters.
While the network’s PR team certainly worked overtime to raise the show’s profile, “The idea of us putting together huge Emmy campaigns and spending a lot of money to go get Emmys was never something we would ever do. [So] when the Emmy chatter started happening it happened organically,” he said.
While grassroots support might not have meant much to Emmy voters ten or 15 years ago – or else Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars would’ve taken home a slew of statuettes – in the age of social media and dozens of entertainment-news websites, bottom-up Emmy campaigns today actually have a chance of working.
Even if Emmy voters never saw Orphan Black trend on Twitter, they likely read the countless stories about the Clone Club or the rave reviews, creating a feedback loop that ultimately helped Maslany score three Emmy noms and one win.
“Dan [Levy] had an Ellen appearance strategically placed during Emmy season. We flew the cast out to do Deadline’s The Contenders series. Some of the cast were on the MTV Movie and TV Awards As a smaller network, we can’t compete with huge billboards asking for Emmys. We’ve just done what we can to remind everyone of the great show that everyone loves and to just throw some fuel on the fire that already exists.”
“The goal is really to break through that clutter.” It may have worked: After being ignored by voters for the first two years of Noah’s run, The Daily Show – an Emmy darling during Jon Stewart’s tenure as anchor – was finally nominated for Best Variety/Talk Show in 2018, and again this week.
“These types of campaigns get additional exposure for those shows, so the Emmy window is a piece of the year-round promotional plan. Every opportunity we can to spotlight the show and raise awareness for it, the better.”

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