Summary of “The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News”

Hacker News readers who visit the site to learn how engineers and entrepreneurs talk, and what they talk about, can find themselves immersed in conversations that resemble the output of duelling Markov bots trained on libertarian economics blogs, “The Tim Ferriss Show,” and the work of Yuval Noah Harari.
“One of the things I’ve learned is that almost all of the generalizations are wrong. And I’ve learned this because people love to post generalizations about Hacker News to Hacker News.”.
In an Emacs file, Gackle collects a list of contradictory statements that people have used to describe Hacker News.
Gackle later told me that he sees frustration at work as part of the DNA of Hacker News.
For Gackle and Bell, moderating Hacker News has presented an opportunity for self-work.
N-gate, a satirical Web site with the slogan “We can’t both be right”, offers a weekly summary of Hacker News discussions, dubbed “Webshit weekly.” The N-gate entry about a Hacker News discussion of a Times article on the crashes of two Boeing 737 airliners, in Indonesia and Ethiopia, is typical.
The creation of Startup News was a response to Reddit’s Eternal September; some of the problems with which Gackle and Bell are grappling can be traced to a similar phenomenon at Hacker News.
A few weeks after meeting with Gackle and Bell, I checked Hacker News to see what commenters were saying about a Times story on the Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes’s antitrust work with the Federal Trade Commission.

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