Summary of “How One Tiny-Home Designer Makes a Small Space Feel 10 Times Bigger”

Matt Impola was already living in a small space when he decided he would take on a new weekend project: his first-ever tiny home.
The most striking thing about Impola’s tiny homes is that they don’t immediately look.
Clearly Impola has picked up on plenty of ways to make even the smallest spaces feel much larger, and his advice can be applied to cramped apartments or even not-so-tiny homes.
“Motor homes and travel trailers can feel so temporary, especially when they use cheaper materials like vinyl and plastic, funky wallpapers, and all that,” says Impola.
Opt for High-Quality MaterialsThose aren’t the only elevated pieces Impola swears by.
“Everything’s got to be a bit scaled down, especially sofas,” says Impola.
Kondo Your Belongings”Especially in a kitchen, you’re not going to have room for a ton of extra stuff. It’s about choosing your favorite 10 to 20 dishes,” Impola says.
Impola advocates for more unexpected choices: “I do a lot of behind-the-scenes tricks with my loft floors,” he says.

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