Summary of “And the Pixie Award Goes To …”

Because it’s the Pixies, which is a thing that we made up as a way to talk about a bunch of stuff that’s happened in different Pixar movies.
The Pixie for the Character Who Wasn’t Actually the Best Pixar Character but I’m Going to Say He’s the Best Anyway Because, Whatever, It’s Time We Won a Thing This goes to Miguel from Coco, who technically is not actually the best Pixar character but I’m going to give him the award anyway because, I mean, sometimes cheating is OK. It’s just that we finally got some Mexicans into the lead roles in a Pixar movie, and so I’m going to lift that up whenever I can.
First: This goes to the Love Over Time montage scene from Up, which very well might be the most masterful four-minute stretch of any movie in the Pixar universe, a statement that should carry a mammoth of gravity with it given that the Pixar universe is stuffed fat with brilliant moments.
The Pixie for the Movie That Wasn’t a Pixar Movie but Should’ve Been a Pixar Movie This one goes to Shark Tale, which was not a Pixar movie but should’ve been a Pixar movie.
The Pixie for the Pixar Movie That, If You Only Know the Mechanics of Its Entry Point, You’d Think it Was a Revenge Movie Starring Liam Neeson A husband and wife are enjoying a nice afternoon out while their children nap nearby.
The Pixie for the Most “Nice Try, but No Thanks” Idea in a Pixar Movie I understand the sentiment behind Ratatouille’s “Anyone can cook” life lesson.
The Pixie for the Character Who Seems the Worst but Turns Out to Be the Best This one goes to Sadness from Inside Out, who, at the beginning of the movie feels like little more than a gigantic bummer but then by the end of the movie has worked herself into the most interesting, most complex, most thought-provoking character of all.
The Pixie for the Movie That Already, Even Just a Handful of Years After It’s Come Out, Already Looks Very Prophetic This one goes to Wall-E, a movie that peeks forward at what human life will be like after we wreck the planet and become machine-dependent.

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