Summary of “Column One: Hollywood scenic painter Mike Denering can’t quite put down his brush”

In his faded jeans, button-down shirt and sneakers that betray a hint of paint speckles, Mike Denering cut an unassuming figure ambling across the Fox Studios lot in Century City.
At 66, Denering is one of Hollywood’s last scenic painters.
Scenic painter Mike Denering in front of a mural, a scene from “The Seven Year Itch” that he restored back in 2016 with artist Jim Katranis on the exterior of Stage 10 at Fox Studios in Los Angeles.
From left are scenic artists Mike Denering, John Moffitt and Jonathan Williams.
Robin Williams in “What Dreams May Come.” Mike Denering and John Moffitt were the lead scenic artists on the 1998 film, using digital and hand-painted elements.
In 1989, Denering bought a house in Sun Valley, a drowsy rustic community at the base of the Verdugo Mountains about 15 miles north of Hollywood.
When Denering started, scenic artists often painted in the plein-air technique – working outside to be able to replicate the gradations of light and color in nature.
Mike Denering was a scenic artist for the 1988 film “Die Hard,” starring Bruce Willis.

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