Summary of “The Famous Soccer Player Hiding in Plain Sight in a California Bakery”

“Like LeBron James – he speaks about the president, the government,” Sukur said.
Sukur said recently he had a conversation with a friend, a Turkish television personality, and they agreed on how bad things were in Turkey.
“There are thousands and thousands of people living in this situation,” Sukur said.
“Last Friday my father says to my son, ‘I miss you,'” Sukur said in English, before turning to Turkish to finish the story.
Sukur sees himself as an immigrant, trying to build his own American dream for his family.
“At the moment there are a couple of investors,” Sukur said.
Like most of Sukur’s customers, not all the neighbors know who he is – or was.
“One of my neighbors came here to my bakery, and people were taking pictures with me,” Sukur said.

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